C4D Ascent was the course I was most looking forward to, for it really showed me what C4D could do.

Having already taken E. J. Hassenfratz's Basecamp course, I knew I would be learning a lot.

"In Cinema 4D Ascent, you'll learn to master marketable 3D concepts in Cinema 4D from Maxon Certified Trainer, EJ Hassenfratz. Over the course of 12 weeks, this class will teach you the fundamental 3D concepts you need to know to create beautiful renders and tackle any task a studio or client might throw at you."

Third Party Renderers

One of the most useful things I learned in this course were universal rendering principles and how to implement the renderer Redshift.

Learning node based materials was definitely a challenge at first, but now I can't see it being anything else.

Some of the most useful things I learned through this course were soft body/rigid body physics, vertex maps, and character rigging for animation.