Judy's interview was the last of the five I did, and it was lead by Judy, she knew what she wanted to say about herself as soon as we started. We talked of independence, childhood, politics, and Judy's sense of selfishness for valuing school and education before anyone else. Talking to Judy helped me realize that what I was doing in my work could not possibly capture true identity. Her interview helped me start on my new Subliminal mini-series.

The middle pose was done by my model when I asked them to show the face that they show to strangers, the other two I posed based off of the interview. I achieved the affect by having a 10 second exposure in pure darkness with a flash bulb for each pose.

Based off the interview, I also included a digital collage background with varying transparencies (I can't seem to get away from typography in my work). These are hard to read and make out because identity is never easy to understand.

Digital photography, 2019